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What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ Compensation is an insurance policy helping to cover the expenses of business’ employees medical care and loss of pay, should the employees incur work-related injury or illness. This insurance is a legal requirement in most states.

Who Provides The Insurance For Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance is purchased by your employer or the business owner you work for and is underwritten by an insurance company or publicly supported state funds.

Best Workers’ Compensation / Sports Injury Surgeon Near Me

Workers’ Comp is a specialized field that requires a doctor to be knowledgeable in medical treatments and the legal intricacies required to successfully navigate the Workers’ Compensation process.  
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Regardless of your occupation, there’s always the risk that you could suffer an injury on your job. 

Getting hurt at work is more than an inconvenience. It can change your life in many ways, especially if the injury is permanent and/or you’re unable to work in the future to provide for yourself and your family.

The first thing you should do after an accident or injury is get medical care. 

Depending on the type of injury, severity, and urgency of care, you may have an important question: Do you have the legal right to see your own doctor in a workers’ compensation claim?

Are you looking for a Worker’s Compensation Doctor in Fairfax, VA?

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Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras, Jr. can help you fast, including authorization. He understands delays in reporting, cause disruption in your treatment process. Our medical team is also experienced in managing the appeals process and filing the reports required by insurance companies for an authorization for your medical treatment.  

Fair Oaks Orthopedics works cost effectively and timely with insurance.

Once authorization is obtained, Dr. Pournaras and his staff work jointly with your insurance carrier and employer to establish appropriate work restrictions. By focusing on early diagnosis and treatments, he can provide cost-effective and timely recoveries that promote healing and the correct amount of time that is lost from work. This ensures that the orthopedic care you receive meets the highest medical and legal standards.


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Helpful Information To Begin The Process

An experienced Virginia workers’ compensation doctor plays a critical role in your injury case. Dr. Pournaras specializes not only in the initial assessment but in ongoing care and monitoring during your recovery, helping you get to Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) as quickly and safely as possible.

Your first appointment with a Dr. Pournaras will help to medically determine your injury and create a formal documented log of information. 

Workplace and work-related accidents / injuries can add another level of complication to the care you can recieve. Dr. Pournaras understands this and can make the evaluation and treatment after your injury a smooth process.

Most injuries have an added complexity to them, as there needs to be evaluation for causation, chronicity and long-term implications. Dr. Pournaras is proficiently accurate in making these evaluations and determinations on these issues. He has extensive experience in treating orthopedic work related injuries and is an  expert in treating all injuries in the upper extremities.

Please contact our office to begin the process of healing today. 

When you check in for your appointment, we will provide you with a health questionnaire that gives us a better idea as to what you are experiencing and the symptom severity. Dr. Pournaras will review your medical history, and will perform a full examination that can include X-rays that may deem beneficial to get a better understanding of what is going on. If advanced imaging is necessary, he will provide an order to have this done. After the exam, Dr. Pournaras will create a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you in your recovery process.

As a well-respected, Orthopedic physician, Dr. Pournaras will document your medical information into detailed notes along with creating precise billing ledgers and assists in other documentation that can assist you and your attorney in the compensation process.

Sometimes even with the best medical care possible, not all injuries heal the way we hope. Broken bones, torn ligaments, and other serious injuries can impact your quality of life, mobility, and the ability to work full time. Further complications can demand ongoing care to minimize the impact on your life. Trust Dr. Pournaras and his highly trained, professional medical team provide you with ongoing care.

Along with ongoing care for patients who have suffered from a car accident or other work injuries, Dr. Pournaras also provides other services that can benefit patients and their legal counsel such as:

  • Partial Permanent Disability Ratings
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Second Opinions
  • Medical Reviews/ Peer Reviews
  • Court Appearances/ Depositions


If there is anything else that you and your attorney may need, please reach out to our staff and we will be more than happy to assist.

Fair Oaks Orthopedics can provide reports and
give testimony in cases involving the treatment of orthopedic injuries .


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