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Need A Medical Expert For Your work-related Injuries or accident? Contact Expert Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras, who offers treatments, provides reports, and testifies for your work-related injuries case.

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Work Related Injuries – Have You Been Injured At Work? 

Seek Medical Attention: if your employer doesn’t provide you with a doctor approved by your employer’s insurer right away, Contact us today!

It’s important that you follow the your treatment plan to the last detail, keep all your appointments, take medication as prescribed, retain receipts and other documentation of your treatment, and keep a daily journal of your treatment and recovery.

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Workers’ Comp is a specialized field requiring a doctor to be knowledgeable in medical treatments and the legal intricacies required to navigate the Workers’ Compensation process successfully. Critical Work Related Injuries Need Attention Immediately, Call Us For Help.
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Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras, Jr. can help you fast, including authorization. He understands delays in reporting, cause disruption in your treatment process. Our medical team is also experienced in managing the appeals process and filing the reports required by insurance companies for an authorization for your medical treatment.  


Trust Dr. Pournaras, as he knows the workers’ compensation  process in Fairfax, VA. He has taken a special interest in the Workers’ Compensation system in the state of Virginia and the process required by insurance companies to obtain authorization of medical treatment for his patients.
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Washingtonian Top  Doctor Stephen W. Pournaras, MD offers treatments for work-related injuries.
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Information Regarding Work Related Injuries / Accidents

Unfortunately, some experiences in life are unavoidable and happen even to the best of us and getting injured at work is one of them. are one of those instances. If you have recently had an accident and are feeling pain that you thought would go away but it hasn’t, you are not alone.  Remember, how important it is not to ignore your symptoms and seek medical attention to make sure nothing serious is happening.

Body & extremity pain may occur either during or right after the accident. It is also common for pain to occur days after the initial injury. These types of injuries can affect your day-to-day life, as well as your work performance.

Dr. Pournaras has more than 35+ of experience in the orthopedic field. He enjoys working and is invested in his patients’ care helping them along the path to recovery. He is also very familiar with workers comp and work related injury cases that involve hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck and back injuries. Please contact our office to begin your journey to healing today. 

When you check in for your appointment, we will provide you with a health questionnaire that gives us a better idea as to what you are experiencing and the symptom severity. Dr. Pournaras will review your medical history, and will perform a full examination that can include X-rays that may deem beneficial to get a better understanding of what is going on. If advanced imaging is necessary, he will provide an order to have this done. After the exam, Dr. Pournaras will create a comprehensive treatment plan designed to help you in your recovery process.

As a well-respected, workers compensation physician, Dr. Pournaras will document your medical information into detailed notes along with creating precise billing ledgers and assists with other information that can assist you and your attorney in the compensation process.

Sometimes even with the best medical care possible, not all injuries heal the way we hope. Broken bones, torn ligaments, and other serious injuries can impact your quality of life, mobility, and the ability to work full time. Further complications can demand ongoing care to minimize the impact on your life. Trust Dr. Pournaras and his highly trained, professional medical team provide you with ongoing care.

Along with ongoing care for patients who have suffered from work injuries, Dr. Pournaras also provides other services that can benefit patients and their legal counsel such as:

  • Partial Permanent Disability Ratings
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Second Opinions
  • Medical Reviews/ Peer Reviews
  • Court Appearances/ Depositions

If there is anything else that you and your attorney may need, please reach out to our staff and we will be more than happy to assist.


Fair Oaks Orthopedics can provide reports and
give testimony in cases involving the treatment of orthopedic injuries .


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