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There are several scenarios where a patient might require hand skin grafting:

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Northern Virginia Hand Skin Grafting Surgeon Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras uses a wide range of hand skin grafting procedures for hand injuries and deep lacerations, focusing on the restoration of function, alleviation of pain, and improvement in your overall hand health. 

It’s essential to follow all of the instructions given to you after surgery by Dr. Pournaras and our hand therapist, who will be a part of your recovery journey. 

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  1. Burn Injuries: Severe burns can result in extensive damage to the skin, including the hands. Grafting may be necessary to cover large areas of burned and promote wound healing.
  2. Traumatic Injuries: Traumatic injuries such as lacerations, avulsions (tearing), crush injuries, or deep cuts can cause significant tissue loss or damage on the hands. Grafting may be needed to reconstruct the affected areas and restore function.
  3. Surgical Procedures: Some surgical procedures, particularly those involving the removal of tumors or other lesions, may result in skin defects that require reconstruction.
  4. Infections: Severe infections or necrotizing fasciitis (a rare but serious bacterial infection that affects the skin, underlying tissue, and fascia) can lead to tissue loss and the need for grafting to cover the affected areas.
  5. Chronic Wounds: Chronic wounds, such as diabetic ulcers or pressure sores, that do not heal properly may require grafting to facilitate wound closure and prevent complications.
  6. Congenital Conditions: In some cases, genetic conditions or abnormalities affecting the the hands may necessitate grafting as part of reconstructive surgery to improve function and appearance.
  7. Reconstructive Surgery: Grafting may be performed as part of reconstructive surgery to correct deformities, improve function, or enhance cosmetic appearance following trauma, congenital anomalies, or other medical conditions affecting the hands.

In each of these cases, grafting aims to cover the wound or injury with healthy, promote wound healing, restore function, and improve the cosmetic appearance of the hand.

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There are many types of surgeries that are performed on the hand, depending on the condition and symptoms. These procedures include:

  • Skin grafts —Hand Skin Grafting involve replacing or attaching a part of the hand that has missing skin.
  • Skin flaps — Like a graft, flap involves taking skin from another part of the body. But this procedure uses skin that has its own blood supply. That’s because the section that is used includes the underlying blood vessels, fat and muscles.

Hand Skin Grafting surgeries involve taking skin from one part of your body and using it to repair your hand by covering wounds, burns, or areas of skin loss. Depending on the nature and extent of the injury, several types of grafts can be used in hand skin grafting surgery. 

Split-thickness Skin Graft (STSG):

  • In an STSG procedure, Dr. Pournaras will harvest a thin layer of skin, typically from the thigh or abdomen.
    • This type of graft is often used for covering larger areas of skin loss or burns on the hand, as it provides good coverage and promotes healing.
    • STSGs require a well-vascularized wound bed for successful graft take, and they may require meshing to increase the surface area and allow for drainage of fluids.

Full-thickness Skin Graft (FTSG):

    • FTSGs involve using a thicker layer of skin from a donor site to the hand.
    • This type of graft is commonly used for more minor defects or injuries on the hand, where a thicker layer is needed to return function and cosmetic appearance.
    • FTSGs provide better color match and texture to the surrounding, improving cosmetic outcomes.

Composite Graft:

    • Composite grafts consist of skin and underlying tissue, such as fat or cartilage, and are often used for reconstructing specific structures or features of the hand, such as the fingertip.
    • These grafts are typically harvested from areas with similar tissue characteristics, such as the earlobe or the other fingers.
    • Composite grafts require meticulous surgical technique and careful post-operative care to ensure graft survival and functionality.

Free Flap Reconstruction:

    • Free flap reconstruction involves the transfer of skin, along with its blood supply, from a distant donor site to the hand using microsurgical techniques.
    • This complex procedure is reserved for cases of extensive soft tissue loss or complex hand injuries where other grafting techniques are not feasible.
    • Free flap reconstruction offers the advantage of providing large amounts of vascularized tissue to cover defects and restore hand function.
Hand fasciotomy surgery

These are just a few examples of Hand Skin Grafting repair surgeries used in hand reconstruction. The choice of grafting technique depends on factors such as the injury’s size and location, the surrounding tissues’ condition, and the reconstruction goals.

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For many patients, Hand Skin Grafting surgery is just the start of their recovery. Intensive rehabilitation may be necessary to regain the normal functioning of their hand. Hand therapy could include: hand exercises, heat or massage therapy, nerve stimulation, splinting and traction.

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