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Treating hand fractures with open and closed hand reduction

What Is A Closed Hand Reduction?

Closed hand reduction is a procedure involving moving back into place without cutting your skin.

Swift non-operative treatment post-bone break is crucial. Dr. Pournaras specializes in manual manipulation to realign bones, promoting optimal healing. This approach is ideal for simple fractures not requiring surgical fixation, ensuring effective recovery and restoration of hand function

Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Pain Management: Pain relief is provided to every patient before the procedure. Generally, you will receive local anesthesia to numb the hand, regional anesthesia to block pain in a larger area of the arm, or even sedation to help the patient relax.
  2. Reduction: Dr. Pournaras applies force to the affected area to realign the bones. This is done by carefully manipulating the hand and fingers, using knowledge of hand anatomy and the nature of the fracture.
  3. Immobilization: Your hand is then immobilized with a splint or cast after the bones are realigned. This helps to maintain proper alignment while they heal.
  4. Follow-up Care: X-rays are often taken after the reduction to ensure that the bones are in the correct position. Follow-up visits are essential to monitor healing and to adjust the treatment plan as necessary.
  5. Rehabilitation: Once the bones have sufficiently healed, Dr. Pournaras may recommend physical therapy to restore movement, strength, and functionality to your hand.

Closed hand reduction is preferred in some instances because it is less invasive than other surgical options, potentially leading to quicker recovery times and a lower risk of complications. However, not all fractures are suitable for this approach, and some may require open surgical intervention for the best outcomes.

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What is the difference between open and closed reduction?

Open reduction and closed reduction are different approaches to treating fractures or dislocations. Here’s the difference between them:

Closed Reduction:

    • Closed reduction is a non-surgical technique involving manipulating and realigning fractured or dislocated bones without surgical incisions.
    • It is typically performed manually or with the assistance of traction and manipulation under local or general anesthesia.
    • This procedure’s goal is to restore the normal alignment of your bones and joints, alleviate pain, and promote healing.
    • After the reduction, Dr. Pournaras will immobilize the injured area with a splint, cast, or another supportive device to maintain alignment and protect the injured area during the healing process.

Open Reduction:

    • Open reduction is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions to directly injured areas and realigning fractured or dislocated bones.
    • It is typically performed in an operating room under general anesthesia.
    • Open reduction allows for direct visualization of the fracture or dislocation and precise alignment of the bones.
    • During the procedure, Dr. Pournaras may use additional measures such as internal fixation (e.g., plates, screws, or pins) may be used to stabilize the bones and promote healing.
    • Open reduction is usually reserved for more complex fractures or dislocations, cases where closed reduction is unsuccessful, or when there are associated injuries that require surgical intervention.

A closed reduction is a non-surgical technique performed manually or with traction and manipulation to realign fractured or dislocated bones, while open reduction is a surgical procedure involving incisions to the injured and realigning the bones. The choice between closed and open reduction depends on factors such as the type and severity of the injury, the stability of the fracture or dislocation, and your overall health and treatment goals.

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