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Hand, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder Conditions and Treatments

We offer exceptional care for all orthopedic injuries and conditions. Contact us today! Fair Oaks Ortho provides Orthopedic care designed for active people: Keep doing what you love. We offer a comprehensive range of specialized orthopedic services. If your issue involves the bones, muscles, or joints, our highly trained medical staff has the expertise to resolve it.


Meet with Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras, Jr. and our team of orthopedic specialties dedicated to helping you
with your chronic condition, and helping you regain the functionality of upper extremities with a full range of motion.


Whether you suffer from an injury or chronic condition, any pain can be very debilitating. Many orthopedic conditions can be treated non-surgically, and if surgery is necessary for those who are experiencing a serious health crisis and need to regain their mobility, we are here to help you.

Orthopedic Specialties
We use a variety of treatment methods to manage ongoing
issues, including surgical and non-surgical options.

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Fair Oaks Orthopedics

For over 30 years, Virginia Board Certified Physician, Dr. Stephen W. Pournaras, Jr. has provided excellent healthcare and treatment for his patients. As a multi-specialty orthopedic practice, offering the best for you medically to treat, heal and lead you to optimum recovery. We are dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology while building nurturing relationships with each of our patients.

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